The Mayoral New Warehouse Logistics Center | A Visionary Architectural Oasis in Málaga

The Mayoral New Warehouse Logistics Center, designed by System Arquitectura, is a striking architectural feat located in Intelhorce, Málaga. The building's design is a departure from the conventional rectangular form typically associated with logistics centers. Instead, it features rhythmic and translucent arches that create a visually engaging facade, evoking a sense of being wrapped in fabric. This unique design is a deliberate nod to the textile industry, which is integral to the Mayoral campus where the center is situated.

The architects' vision for the project was guided by two key principles: the deviation from traditional building shapes by incorporating curved facades, and the exploration of a textile-inspired envelope that plays with the concepts of transparency and opacity. The result is a structure that stands at a height of 20 meters, with a floor area of 18814 m², making it a significant presence in the vicinity, especially considering the adjacent protected warehouse, which is only 11 meters tall. The seamless integration of the new center with its surroundings, both in terms of form and concept, was a paramount consideration in its design and construction.

The construction of the Mayoral New Warehouse Logistics Center involved the use of various materials and technologies, including those from manufacturers such as Danpal, Assa Abloy, BMI, Europerfil, Metaldeza, and elZinc. The project was led by Architect Rafael Urquiza, with Rafael Roa Hernández serving as the Technical Architect and Alberto Urquiza as the Industrial Engineer. The engineering aspects were handled by CEMOSA, while the construction and installation were carried out by ANDO and PACISA, respectively.

The center's design and construction represent a harmonious blend of architectural innovation, industrial functionality, and a deep-rooted connection to the local textile heritage. The Mayoral New Warehouse Logistics Center stands as a testament to the potential for architectural excellence to not only meet the practical needs of modern industry but also to celebrate and honor the cultural and industrial legacy of its location.

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