Gonzaga's Move to the Mountain West Conference

Gonzaga's decision to join the Mountain West Conference (MWC) has generated significant buzz in the college basketball world. This article will delve into the various implications of this move, highlighting the potential impact on Gonzaga's basketball program and the broader MWC landscape.

Gonzaga's Background

Gonzaga, a perennial powerhouse in college basketball, has a rich history of success on the court. With numerous NCAA Tournament appearances and a strong fan base, the Zags have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of college hoops. As they embark on a new journey in the MWC, it is essential to understand the factors that led to this decision and the potential consequences for the team and the conference.

Reasons for the Move

There are several reasons behind Gonzaga's decision to leave the West Coast Conference (WCC) and join the MWC:

  1. Competitive Balance: The MWC offers a more balanced competitive landscape, with stronger teams like Kansas making the move to the conference. This will provide Gonzaga with a more challenging schedule and the opportunity to face top-tier competition on a regular basis.

  2. Geographical Proximity: The MWC is a more geographically cohesive conference, with members such as San Diego State, UNLV, and Fresno State located in close proximity to Gonzaga's Spokane campus. This will make travel arrangements more manageable and allow for easier access to games and tournaments.

  3. Conference Prestige: The MWC has a reputation for producing high-quality basketball teams, with several recent champions making a significant impact in the NCAA Tournament. By joining the MWC, Gonzaga aims to maintain its status as a top-ranked program and continue its tradition of success.

Implications for the Mountain West Conference

Gonzaga's addition to the MWC will undoubtedly elevate the conference's profile, as it brings a perennial powerhouse and its loyal fan base to the fold. This move could lead to increased visibility and opportunities for other MWC teams, as they will have the chance to compete against a top-ranked program like Gonzaga.

Moreover, the MWC's expansion to include Oregon State is further evidence of the conference's ambition to grow and strengthen its position in college sports. By adding Gonzaga and potentially other high-profile programs, the MWC aims to become a more formidable force in the world of college basketball.


Gonzaga's move to the Mountain West Conference marks a significant shift in the college basketball landscape. As the Zags embark on a new journey in the MWC, they will face new challenges and opportunities, while the conference itself will benefit from the addition of a highly successful and respected program. This move will undoubtedly generate excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season, as fans and analysts alike eagerly await the impact of this decision on the court.

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